How to travel more and spend less

I work from home and have only had a real job for over a couple years out of college so I’ve had to get creative to afford to travel as much as I do. I travel about once a month comfortably while still investing and maintaining a practical but comfortble lifestyle.
The way I travel as much as I do is following these bullets!
– I use my resources whether that’s visiting friends in cool cities or countries to save on room costs and sometimes car rentals.

– I personally have a connection that gets discounts on choice hotels or certain casinos and when those aren’t available that means I’m probably camping or staying with someone I know. Tons of people get discounts from their work or friends so use them!

– We pack food on city and camping trips while only eating out a couple times a trip unless it’s a foodie place like New Orleans.

– Drinking can double the cost of a trip! If you’re going to go out limit it if you want to travel more.

– with companies like Southwest you can buy a flight and if the price drops after they will reimburse you flight credit. Also use apps like hopper to get an idea the right time to buy.

– I recently signed up for the Southwest Priority credit card and I will save hundreds more on flights than I do on my regular discover cash back card. I don’t even fly southwest everytime it is just my prefered airline

– when you have a business trip or wedding that you have to go to, use that time to extend a trip to a long weekend! You’re already flying/driving out so make the most of your time there even if you have to travel a little further

Last piece of ingest advice – house hacking is a great way to invest and save money on rent/mortgage. If you’re comfortable living with a roomate or 2 you can live for free while gaining equity in a house while only having to put 3% down on your first home.

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