Trolltunga: The Cliffhanger Slideshow That'll Leave You Wanting More - Norway Travel #shorts

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Trolltunga is a rock formation in Norway that provides an amazing view of the valley below. The cliff is around 700 meters high and it’s not suitable for those who are afraid of heights. The cliff’s name translates to “Troll’s tongue” in English. It was given this name because it looks like a long, thin tongue sticking out from the mountain side. According to Nordic folklore, the name is given to a troll who once slept under the rock. The view from Trolltunga is breathtaking and it’s not hard to see why people love taking a hike up to it. The hike can take you around an hour or two depending on how fast you walk, but the views along the way are worth every minute of your time. Go for a hike to Trolltunga and enjoy the breathtaking views! Another stop on the hike is Einbreisbrücke, a bridge that crosses over the valley from the Trolltunga mountain to another mountain. Bald MountainBald Mountain is another breathtaking hike in Norway for those who are afraid of heights. The hike starts at sea level and it can take between one and two hours to finish. It ‘s a nice hike because it follows the cliff in which you can see the water below. It’s not a difficult hike, but it is hard to take pictures with your camera because it’s too dark and you’re too high up. The view from the bridge is also beautiful, but note that there are some steps on your way so be careful if you have any heart problems. #norway #travel #shorts

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