#shorts Jakarta Digital nomad lifestyle travel & make money online top channel picks - Jakarta 2022

#shorts Jakarta Digital nomad lifestyle travel & make money online top channel picks – Jakarta 2022
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Watch our video about that one too!

Digital nomad lifestyle travel & make money online top channel picks - Thailand 2022

With this video you can learn about the destinations you can go in the Indonesia ! A country filled with many activities and beautiful nature!

In this video we’re gonna show you how to spend your time in Indonesia by providing you a list of destinations that should be added in your bucket list for you to have an experience of what the true Indonesia is about!

Indonesia is one of the places where it is really cheap to travel! So if you’re looking to travel in a budget this is a perfect place for you to start your adventure!

This will be a guide for you to how to travel to Indonesia where you can find out about places like Bali, Jakarta and Ubud!

It’s a place where you can go ahead and travel with your Computer! It’s also a great country if you’re looking for a any travel purposes! You can also consider this one as a solo travel tips !

What are you waiting for? Indonesia should be in your top 10! Even in top 5! as it is filled with a really awesome people who are rich in culture and destinations that’s worth going to specially this 2022!




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Salam! Welcome to Indonesia.

With a population of 273.5 million, Indonesia is one of Southeast Asia’s largest archipelagos. The Dry Season is the ideal season to travel to Indonesia, especially while the weather is still pleasant and inviting.

Today, Indonesia is renowned for its numerous, multicultural islands, from the highly religious Aceh in the north to Java, the country’s capital, to Bali, a tropical paradise, and all the way south to the province of Papua. Not only is it rich in multiple cultures, it is also the third country rich in volcanoes with over 139 of them active.

With myriads of gorgeous beaches, yoga retreat sites, and more, join us as we take a tour and give you a reason on why you should travel to this wonderful country!


The island of the gods. Bali is one of Indonesia’s most picturesque provinces and is referred to as the “Island of the Gods”due to the offerings, or canang sari, placed all around practically every entryway, crossroads, temple, and other structures that need protection. With beautiful volcanoes, vibrant terraced rice fields, a lot of nature and beautiful beaches, and surfing site; Bali is literally a paradise both on land and on water.

Did you know that there are over 6 million tourists that visit Bali yearly? Yes, I am telling you. It is worth visiting. So what are you waiting for, book that flight you’ve been giving second thoughts to.


If you want a vibrant city life with busy streets and exciting nightlifes, then go to Jakarta, Indonesia, the capital of Indonesia. In Jakarta, you get to know more about the history of Indonesia when you visit its museums and monuments.

So if you want to get to know more people and their culture more, go to Jakarta.


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